1993 Honda ACTY Dump - $8,350

1993 Honda ACTY Dump - Walk around video CLICK HERE 

Yeah it has some rust around the bed area unfortunately. But....
- The engine runs perfectly!
- The dump bed works excellent!
- The interior is very very clean...

If you don't want a Honda ACTY Dump that has a little bit of rust on the bed we have 2 newer cleaner Honda ACTY dumps for $9,550 - Click Here and $9,950 - Click Here

Since this one is still 4WD with AC and Dump we are asking $8,350 We might fix the rust and make it perfect but we like to keep at least one of these trucks in the lower price range incase someone has a lower budget. Without AC a truck like this one would be 7500, and without the dump bed a truck like this probably would be 6000 which is pretty standard price for a 4wd 5speed without dump and without ac. But yeah since it has all those extra things $8,350 is a fair price for what it is.


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