1996 Honda ACTY Dump - $9,950


1996 Honda ACTY Dump
Air Conditioning
5 Speed Manual
4 Wheel Drive
Fully Hydraulic Dump Bed
116,645 Kilometers = 72,485 Miles

This truck is in very good condition, it has scratches around hte bed area which is common for a truck that has been used for doing work. These 5 speed AWD trucks are very good for street and light off road work, and is better than 4speed during highway use, so the engine is not screaming at 65+ mph. Air Conditioning is also RARE for these minitrucks and this truck has it!!!! Also there are not many DUMP beds on Honda ACTY trucks. As you can see by the pictures Honda installed the dump bed as an after thought instead of redesigning the bed area like other manufacturers did, but everything works great so Honda did a great job. View the pictures and video to get a feel for this truck, someone will be happy to own this beauty!!


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